Summer Revenge is a series written by Lively Crocodile and animated by Amazing Crocodile. It is about a woman whose daughter has just been murdered and her son, who may turn out to be plotting something big. It currently has two episodes, the first one already out, and the second one currently being animated. The third episode is being written.


There is currently only one season. Amazing and Lively may make a second one when they are done with the first one, which currently has the first episode, which is called "Horrifying Sight." A second episode is currently being animated, while a third one is being written.

How It Is Made Edit

Summer Revenge was made in a MTR (MadToontownReturns) animation-style way, though, of course, with Amazing Crocodile's own unique flare. What she does is screenshots Toons on Toontown/Toontown Rewritten, cuts them out on Paint, and manipulates them so that they look as if they are moving on PowerPoint. You can watch her tutorials to learn how to make your own, or if you are just curious.


"Oh my goodness this is amazing(but I couldn't stop laughing Im not sure why tho....) can't take sunrise as a killer xD that's new"—Magical Crocodile, on the YouTube comments.

"First I laughed, then I cried"—Amazon Crocodile.

"4 out of 5 stars. Niceeeee but very random XD"—Crocodile Savvy