Invitation photo drawn by Savvy and edited by Amazon


Crocodile Clan's Reopening Ceremony was an event on September 27, 2014 that celebrated Toontown Rewritten's Open Beta and the rebirth of Crocodile Clan.


Since Toontown Rewritten opened its doors on September 19 to all toons, the leaders of Crocodile Clan decided to establish an event to celebrate Open Beta and the reopening of Crocodile Clan. They held a meeting to discuss plans for the event. First, the clan would first have a declaration speech on the gazebo at Acorn Acres. Then, they would host an after party at Amazon Crocodile's estate for all the attending members and others who wanted to join. After finalizing their idea, the leaders began to prepare for the event.


Crocodile Reopening

Crocodile Reopening

Invitation Video made by Amazon Crocodile

To spread the word about the event, Crocodile Savvy was asked to make an invitation. After drawing a beautiful invitation, Amazon Crocodile edited the text information on the invitation. Amazon Crocodile made an invitation video for the event. The event was also posted on Toonbook so all members of the Crocodile Clan group could RSVP. The event was originally scheduled for September 20, 2014, one day after Toontown Rewritten's Open Beta Release. Due to the instability of the servers, lag from Toonfest, and constant crashing, it was hastily scheduled for September 27, 2014, one week after the original date, instead to give time for the servers to stablize themselves. If not for the unfortunate inconvenience, attendee turnout for the event would have probably been significantly higher.


On Toonbook, several people told they could attend. Not everyone who RVSP'ed this came, however, because of the event being rescheduled and connection issues. The people who did come were Princess, Musical Crocodile, Coolest Crocodile, Epic Crocodile, Amazing Crocodile, Crocodile Savvy, and Amazon Crocodile. One warrior cat named Royal Pain did attend, however, since he was in the area at that time and claimed to be a former crocodile. Crocodile did not attend this event.


Crocodile Clan's Reopening Ceremony turned out to be a "successful failure". As soon as everyone attending joined, connection problems occured and the event had to be delayed several hours before it could begin, causing some attendees to leave. Due to the low turnout, the speeches made by Amazon Crocodile and Musical Crocodile did not reach a large amount of people at the time. Although there was a low turnout, Amazon continued to send everyone to her estate to start the game show. Though it started out well, the entire server disconnected during a game of Closet  Dodge, furthermore cancelling the game show. There wasn't all loss, however, because Musical Crocodile recorded the event and posted the speeches and ceremony on Youtube, allowing it to reach a larger amount of people who couldn't attend the event.
Crocodile Clan Opening Ceremony 9 27 14-0

Crocodile Clan Opening Ceremony 9 27 14-0

Video of the ceremony recorded by Musical Crocodile